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Mission Statement

Urbana High School Safe and Sane is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization created in 2010 to address the very serious issues of youth drinking, drug use and driving during one of the highest risk social events of their lives.

What is Safe and Sane? 

Safe and Sane is an event hosted by Urbana High School (UHS) parents for each graduating class at UHS.  It is an all-night event held on graduation night that includes games, food and prizes.  The purpose is to provide graduates with an alcohol/drug free environment so they can celebrate.  Parental help and donations are key to making this event happen, registration fees do not cover the expenses and donations, fundraisers and volunteers are necessary.  Parents of ALL grades are needed, many families of seniors have out of town guests or family members the night of graduation. Just because your student isn’t a senior doesn’t mean that you aren’t welcome, it helps to ensure that this event can carry on down the road for all of our kids.

Register with us!

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Class of 2024 Board of Directors

Katey Cooke, President 

Stacy Quartucci, Vice President

Michelle Jeram, Vice President

Kelley Burley, Vice President

Missy Truffer, Treasurer

Christine Hawk, Secretary


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